5 Things To Consider While Choosing a Boarding School in Vadodara

Is Residential School Right for Your Child?
February 15, 2020
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5 Things To Consider While Choosing a Boarding School in Vadodara

Boarding School in Vadodara

When choosing a boarding or residential school in Vadodara for your child, it is important to take care of various factors because it is the place that will shape his future and make him the person that he or she desires to be. It will influence their culture, their living habits and overall behaviour. Keeping all that in mind, you should always take a moment to check and make sure that the residential school or hostel excels in all the required points before sending your child there. Here are a few important points you should look for.

Key Points To Select A Boarding School in Vadodara:

#1 – Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Since your child is going to spend most of his time away from you, it is necessary that he stays in a safe and secure environment. In your absence, he should feel as much safe at the hostel as he felt at home. Also, cleanliness and hygiene are the other things you should make sure are of the required level.

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#2 – How Good Are The Faculty?

Your child will be interacting with the faculty members, day in and day out, while learning and progressing in his academics, so you would want to make sure that the faculty are knowledgeable and skilled in their respective fields. Also they should be friendly and approachable and should be less intimidating.

#3 – Look For The Extracurricular Activities

Spending all the time on academic growth can hurt the interest of your child in studies and also impact his overall development in a negative way. There should be a fine balance of studies as well as activities that are beyond academics for the holistic growth of your child. This will keep him engaged and active and cause less academic stress. Check for what kind of activities are available in the residential school or hostel and see if it interests your child.

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#4 – How Is Learning Imparted In The School?

There are various models of teaching at schools. Some schools tend to focus a great deal on theoretical studies and some tend to impart the same knowledge through practical methods or alternative approaches. A right balance of theory and practical helps the child in clearing the basics more easily. 

#5 – Consider Paying a Visit To The Location:

Have a look at the city and the locality of the school where it is situated. It should not be highly remote and unapproachable and if the city is also interesting it is a good thing for your child as he will be spending his time away from his family and separation from the family is a difficult phase in a child’s life. So if you’re looking for a hostel in Vadodara then it is an ideal place due to the peaceful and safe atmosphere and overall beauty and ambience of the city.

So take care of the points mentioned above and make the right decision when it comes to choosing a residential school and hostel for your child in Vadodara.

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